Doka. We’re forming America’s Infrastructure

NY, April 5, 2019.– Much has been reported about the state of infrastructure in the United States. With 40 percent of our bridges boasting more than 50 years in service, a recent report noted that almost 10% of bridges are labelled as structural deficient.

The most recent estimate puts the nation’s backlog of bridge rehabilitation needs at $123 billion. But, major infrastructure projects are true engineering marvels, requiring intricate levels of planning and design. Doka is poised to respond to this need, as well as challenges associated with airport improvements, complex urban structures and intricate high-rise structures and even more through the continual refinement of our specialized forming solutions. Simply put, We’re forming America’s Infrastructure.

In my opinion, the construction sector is one of the most rewarding fields one can choose. As the new CEO of Doka USA, it is a great honour to lead the fantastic team of experts we have, all of whom are ready to serve you. Although I am new to the United States, I have served Doka since 2010, having held leadership positions managing Portugal/Spain, as well as the UK/Ireland. Seeing the amazing plans that come in our offices across the United States for the challenging projects our customers work on is simply exciting. Great organizations are made up of great people and our vision at Doka is to be your preferred supplier. Key to achieving this goal is ensuring that Doka is a great place to work and we continue sustainable growth to meet your needs. As our teams grow, so does our continual re-commitment to learning from our customers and responding to your needs. I encourage you to share your ideas with all of us today!.

How do we excel on such complex projects, ensuring safety is always the number one priority! and it begins with our people.