The Crossroads of Managing Compliance

Madrid, October 27, 2020.-  In the current difficult circumstances of today and for all companies operating in developed economies around the world, the management of compliance is experiencing a decisive development period which might become critical for their survival. The Covid19 pandemic still lacks a clear horizon of certainties, with no date for its eradication and its coexistence among human beings as just another virus.  

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The most important thing in business is to achieve sustainable growth and patience

UK,  October 17, 2016.-  The immediacy of information every day, connected in real time to numerous sources, networks, forums …. prevents us look at really interesting documents. Business concern us, they worry and keep our quest to find the latest keys.

However, today I will recommend the quiet reading analysis: “The Farmers Recipe For Strategic Business Growth”, written by Tito Philips Jnr. It describes itself as well: My name is Tito Philips Jnr, an unusual Nigerian that is MAD – Making A Difference. I’m the Chief Community Leader here and this is where we raise the bar of entrepreneurship. We are a TRIBE of Unusual Entrepreneurs, we are not your every day entrepreneurs who go into business to put food on the table and pay bills. For us, business is more than making ends meet [survival]. It is our means of doing what we love [passion], changing the world [purpose] and being financially rewarded for it [profit]™.

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