The Crossroads of Managing Compliance

Madrid, October 27, 2020.-  In the current difficult circumstances of today and for all companies operating in developed economies around the world, the management of compliance is experiencing a decisive development period which might become critical for their survival. The Covid19 pandemic still lacks a clear horizon of certainties, with no date for its eradication and its coexistence among human beings as just another virus.  

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Practical keys to organize the work of your employees in a global pandemic

Madrid, October 13, 2020.-  Nobody has the keys to get the optimal performance of the human capital of our companies today. We only have the “past”, the teachings of a previous time that has nothing to do with the present. Today is imprecise. And the future is unfeasible. We look for certainties and assurances in the experts in each matter. They are the ones who can make the least mistakes. I have read a diagnosis on the organization of work by Enrique Dans, a prestigious spanish technological expert, and these are his premises:

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