(Video) Automatic Climbing Formwork SKE 100 on Gerald Desmond Bridge Pylon

UK,  august 4, 2016.-  Automatic climbing formwork SKE plus. The crane-independent climbing formwork for structures of any shape and height. For every type of structure, the modular design concept of the crane-independent Automatic climbing formwork SKE provides an economical solution for any type of structure, for steady progress irrespective of weather conditions and maximum safety for the entire construction crew.

Automatic climbing formwork SKE50 plus

Automatic climbing formwork SKE50 plus, with a load capacity of 5 tons per bracket, is the ideal solution for many different types of climbing assignment. This novel, innovative system is the perfect way of forming high-rise cores, bridge piers and pylons, and also building-facades.

Automatic climbing formwork SKE100 plus

The high load capacity of 10 tons per bracket and the tall formwork-platform scaffolds allow work to proceed simultaneously, making it possible to separate the forming and rebar operations. The brackets are extremely strong, which permits wide, variable spacing and also makes it possible to lift concrete placing boom. Safe choice, right system

The Automatic climbing formwork SKE is definitely the safe choice of system. Its wide, fully railed-in working platforms, which can be completely enclosed over the entire area if desired, give your site the ultimate in safety.

The self-climbing shaft formwork

The “Automatic climbing formwork SKE50 plus shaft” system gives a huge boost to the speed of craneless forming operations on inside-shafts. Optimum adaptability, straightforward formwork operation, combinability with the Stripping corner I and re-useable anchoring components – are just some of the many advantages of this novel system.

20 automatic climbers at the push of a button

Each hydraulic unit can simultaneously raise as many as 20 automatic climbers up to the next casting section.