Doka Group acquires Dutch technology specialists B|A|S

With this acquisition the company takes another big step toward Industry 4.0 and into the future of the international formwork group from Lower Austria

UK, September 19, 2016.- Headquartered in Venlo, Netherlands, since its foundation in 1979 the technology company B|A|S has concerned itself with researching and developing the materials used in the construction industry – particularly concrete. “For us this acquisition is a step forward in our business objective to meet the increasing demand not only for products but also for solutions in construction”, says Jens Günther, designated Chairman of the Executive Board. “That will necessitate a whole new approach to construction sites. And it will call current dogmas of the formwork industry into question, namely that innovation invariably has to mean more efficient formwork and nothing else.”

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(Video) Automatic Climbing Formwork SKE 100 on Gerald Desmond Bridge Pylon

UK,  august 4, 2016.-  Automatic climbing formwork SKE plus. The crane-independent climbing formwork for structures of any shape and height. For every type of structure, the modular design concept of the crane-independent Automatic climbing formwork SKE provides an economical solution for any type of structure, for steady progress irrespective of weather conditions and maximum safety for the entire construction crew.

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Doka Formwork at Hydroelectric Plant in Icy North

October 19, 2015, United Kingdom.- In the construction of the 824 MW Muskrat Falls hydroelectric power station in Labrador, Canada, extreme cold is a particular challenge. Temperatures as low as -40°C are not uncommon at the site. These conditions require accuracy and expertise at the highest level in terms of planning and implementation. To meet these challenges, Doka is providing the formwork solutions and is setting new standards with its innovative Concremote system.

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#Management is to manage your human capital talent

Monday, September 14, 2015. The perception of talent in the team of your company is a very sensitive task. And once registered the added value of every manager and employee, you have to manage and drive in line with the Business Plan. These activities require time, more in some people, and less in others. It depends on the viability of the first financial year in change management. Liz Ryan, an expert in HR and Manegement, has a fixed edition of Forbes magazine section. His pen is incisive and match their thesis is sometimes complex. However, the following reflection of Liz I have found interesting:

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