dron construction luís morral


UK, June 9, 2016.- Ferrovial is one of the builders reference groups in Europe. In its Corporate Blog he has published an interesting analysis on the use of drone in construction. Its author is Jose Luis Sanchez Vargas, Head of Quality and Environment at the Department of Railways and Transport Ferrovial Agroman. He studied at the School of Engineering in Surveying, Geodesy and Cartography and the Technical School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Master in Environmental Management from the University of Santiago de Compostela. 1st Pilot License RPA in Ferrovial.

dron construction luis morral

The main concluciones Ferrovial on the drone are as follows:

  • The incorporation of these gadgets to civilian use is already more than a reality. It’s been two years since Ferrovial Agroman embarked on the acquisition of the first of these aircraft (yes, you read that right, aircraft, because that is what they are), and a lot of the experience gained over the years in this field, the drones in construction are a reality. Perhaps because of the concerns and alternative solutions in such an innovative and high growth potential market, we do not stop to discover new applications and new instrumentation, which complement these devices and allow us to achieve ever more surprising results.
  • Current legislation does not accompany this regard for the optimal development of current and recent applications. It is a clear example of the different speeds leading new technologies and adaptation of regulations that regulate them. But not be demonizing legislators, maybe excess, try to set limits to where premium security industry above the rest of variables. And it is not a trivial approach, taking into account the latest developments Inking press pages, more often than we would like, where are involved commercial and drones flights.
  • The incorporation of new and increasingly numerous sensors, do we get a variety of information that was not available before. In turn, the process automation reverses in the quality of it, allowing analysis and decision-making that may involve optimization of current methodologies and huge cost savings. management of a large volume of data that requires powerful equipment, specialized personnel and software capable of handling all this information is also required.
  • Family concepts “large volume of data,” “specialized personnel and software capable of handling all information”, “analysis and decision making” .All them, concepts that are used in most definitions of Big Data. What it gives us a common perspective of both.

dron construction luis morral
After reading this analysis Ferrovial, it will have to check whether the era of “Dron-Construction” is reckless or just stay in pilot phases without real and professional application. In any event, the smartphones we carry in your pocket today, there are already more technology than in the first space flight of NASA. It seems that, indeed, in the coming decades will all change and also in the field of construcccion.

dron construction luis morral