SuperDek: Fast, safe and simple handset drop head slab system

US, October 9, 2019.- Behind an innovation in the construction sector there is always a lot of talent, many engineers, architects, computer developers, many professionals. Today I want to talk about an innovation that Doka USA has launched in Maryland with great success. I refer to SuperDek, which is synonymous with greater productivity, with less labor and greater security. I have to sincerely congratulate all the Doka professionals who have made the launch of SuperDek possible. And the first tribute to a great innovation is that it is known throughout the world.

SuperDek is a simple handset drop head slab formwork system. Large grid / prop spacing, up to 8′ x 8′ (64sf), interlocking joists and stringers and a unique slab edge forming solution will provide increased productivity with less labor and maximum safety.


Maximum flexibility
Superdek stringers in standard lengths of 8’-0”,6’-0”,5’-0”,4’-0” & 12’-0”

  • Safe – ergonomical installation from the ground below with only one person
  • Fast – lightweight high strength aluminum profile designed to maximize spans and increase productivity. Only 6.2 lbs/ft.
  • Performance – robust galvanized steel end caps bolted to each end, providing strength and durability on your construction site
  • Simple – designed for asymmetrical loading to provide flexible solutions for all jobsite conditions


Versatility on the jobsite
Superdek joist in standard lengths of 8’-0”,6’-0”,5’-0” & 4’-0”

  • Safe – all joists can be set from ground below with one person, no ladders necessary
  • Fast – a specially designed lightweight wood core maximizes spacing and labor efficiencies. Only 3.5 lbs/ft.
  • Performance – robust galvanized steel end caps bolted to each end, providing strength and durability on your construction site.

Drop Head

Faster production with less material
SuperDek drop head allows for early removal of joists and stringers for faster cycling to the next area

  • Safe – a visual indicator to ensure safe engagement of the wedge increases safety and speed
  • Fast – with only one hit of a hammer, the patented lowering wedge will drop the stringers and joists 4” for early removal
  • Performance – patented drop head locking plate locks the stringer and joists providing superior stability
  • Simple – fully symmetrical drop head allows for fast setting and an off center hitting point makes dropping the deck super-fast

Optional fast wedge clamp connection for less labor when attaching SuperDek drop head to prop

More Information Doka USA


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