Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge: One of the longest bridges in the world will open on October 24, 2018

UK, February 23, 2018.- China, a country with 1,000 million citizens, is already synonymous with colossal construction and engineering projects. Some works that we do not see in the United States or in Europe. Today, I highlight the construction of the largest bridge in the world with an extension of 55 kilometers between the towns of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao. It is truly extraordinary to see videos about his birth over the past decade. Especially the video of the construction company Bouygues explaining the different construction technologies for bridges. For lovers of civil engineering great works this video is a delight:

According to Bouygues Construction, Dragages Hong Kong et VSL réalisent la première partie du plus grand pont maritime mondial entre Hong Kong, Macao et Zhuhaï. Il supportera une autoroute de 2 x 3 voies suspendue sur les eaux sur près de 42 km. / Dragages Hong Kong and VSL are working on the first section of the world’s largest sea bridge between Hong Kong and the cities of Macao and Zhuhai. It will carry a dual three-lane highway over the sea for approximately 42 kilometres. The project is applying the most stringent environmental practices.

As reported by CNN:The 55-kilometer (34-mile) bridge was originally due to open in 2016, but repeated delays pushed that to this year. It is a key element of China’s plan for a Greater Bay Area covering 56,500 square kilometers (21,800 square miles) across southern China, and encompassing 11 cities, including Hong Kong and Macau, that are home to a combined 68 million people. Built to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake, a super typhoon and strikes by super-sized cargo vessels, the bridge incorporates 400,000 tons of steel — 4.5 times the amount in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It also includes a 6.7-kilometer (4-mile) submerged tunnel to help it avoid the busy shipping paths over the Pearl River Delta. The tunnel runs between two artificial islands, each measuring 100,000 square meters (1 million square feet) and situated in relatively shallow waters. While an impressive engineering feat, the building of the bridge brought its own controversies. The Pearl River Delta is home to an endangered Chinese white dolphin population that has been buffeted by massive land reclamation efforts in Hong Kong and other cities”.

The dimension of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai Bridge can also be seen in the following video:


We see another example of the fact that the greatest challenges faced by the human being always have an engineering solution. Construction professionals respond to all the most incredible needs and dreams.

World's longest sea-crossing bridge opens between Hong Kong and China

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World's longest sea-crossing bridge opens between Hong Kong and China Luis Morral Blog