Smart technology for measuring concrete maturity

Doka: Smart technology for measuring concrete maturity

UK, July 15, 2016.-   Ashley Simons of Doka reports: At three major London high-rise projects – No 1 Blackfriars, Highpoint and White Collar Factory – concrete-frame construction firm Dunne Group is using a new smart technology and service to increase its on-site productivity and at the same time deliver a quality concrete structure.


Being able to measure in real time the development of in-situ concrete maturity can speed up the construction of a concrete frame. By knowing the earliest possible time to safely strike formwork and carry out prestressing operations at their respective concrete target strengths, means these operations can be performed with confidence and minimum risks to safety and quality.

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Doka’s Concremote service provides concrete mix calibration metrics, hardware, sensors and data transmitters, plus 24/7 realtime access to accurate data monitoring in measuring the progressive development of the in-situ concrete strength.

Instantaneous alerts are received from a service centre advising site engineers when target concrete strengths are reached; these alerts are received either on site computers, tablets or mobile phones. Dunne also hasconstant internet and telecom access to the service centre to enable it to forecast strength development and target strengths, resulting in improved planning and use of formwork, prestressing operations, on-site plant and labour.

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