Great people, great professionals: From Doka UK to Doka USA

NY, November 20, 2018.-   “I wish you all the best”.

This is the phrase that indicates a professional change, being a new company, a new job a relocation or retirement. Nowadays changing your professional coordinates it’s not a big deal, you just need to update your digital profiles and “voila” instantly most of the people that you know are updated on you new professional commitments. This is what I did today as we moved to NY after accepting a new professional challenge in Doka USA.

Fortunately, I have been working for Doka since June 2010 when I started at Doka Iberica in Madrid managing Portugal and Spain. In 2015 I moved to Maidstone in Kent to lead the Doka UK and Doka Ireland teams. In all places that I have worked, I had the great luck of dealing with great people and huge professionals.

Each country and region has its own ways, its character, its culture, its paradigm, its life style, etc. But what I have learned through many years of professional experience is that with a group of great people and great professionals you can face almost any challenge. Great organizations are made up of great people, leader’s task is just to identify, motivate, develop, listen, bring them together and inspire them in essence: retaining them.

Doka has always supported this vision and in this way has always allowed me to manage together with all the great teams that I have met the inroads of this great multinational in the markets that I have been involved with.

Today is the day in which a new door opens in front of my professional career. Doka USA, undoubtedly another very exciting challenge that I face up with the confidence and trust that the Doka group has granted me. In a global economic situation full of uncertainties and unforeseen events, dynaxity as we call it up here, multinational success becomes the sum of thousands of individual talents scattered around the globe working together towards the same goal ……..and that is a huge challenge!.

As from today, I am fully committed and will focus all my personal efforts and apply all my knowledge and business experience in growing Doka to the next stage together with the whole Doka USA team.