#UK: Where We Come From and Where We Go

UK, June 14, 2017.-  The uncertainty generated by the negotiation of Brexit with the European Union has led to numerous studies, reports, assessments and projections on what will actually happen to the British economy, and in particular the construction sector in which I currently develop (Doka UK and Doka Ireland). For these reasons, I have had the opportunity to read the following analysis of Reuters and I think it may be interesting for professionals in any economic sector:

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dron construction luís morral


UK, June 9, 2016.- Ferrovial is one of the builders reference groups in Europe. In its Corporate Blog he has published an interesting analysis on the use of drone in construction. Its author is Jose Luis Sanchez Vargas, Head of Quality and Environment at the Department of Railways and Transport Ferrovial Agroman. He studied at the School of Engineering in Surveying, Geodesy and Cartography and the Technical School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Master in Environmental Management from the University of Santiago de Compostela. 1st Pilot License RPA in Ferrovial.

dron construction luis morral

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